Indica Dreams - Hemp Flower Low Key CBD Pre-Roll

  • $8.78

A hoppy and woodsy aroma with hints of chamomile, magnolias, and cinnamon makes this Sativa strain is ideal for daytime use.

  • Floral, Hoppy scent with notes of cinnamons
  • Cherry Soda Flower (pretty red and yellow pistils shine through the patches of snowy trichomes)
  • Sativa dominant
  • 4-17% CBG>
  • 1 gram weight

What makes Indica Dreams pre-rolls the best on the market?

  • No pesticides or additives: Indica Dreams CBD pre-rolls and CBG pre-rolls are 100% organic to protect your lungs from dangerous pesticides.
  • 100% hemp-derived: We guarantee there’s less than 0.3% THC in every CBD pre-roll or CBG pre-roll.
  • Tested 3x: Every batch is tested three times for potency, safety, and THC levels.
  • Whole-plant benefits with full-spectrum CBD & CBG: Absorb all the natural goodness of the hemp plant (with less processing!).

Lab Reports

Single - 1 Gram Lab Report

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